Grade 1   repair & alteration

The Practice was appointed late in 2008 to help to prepare an HLF Stage 2 application, working to a very tight timetable. This was successfully completed and the project received a Stage 2 grant. The project is for a wide range of repairs, alterations and improvements to the buildings which make up the estate, with a particular emphasis on improving facilities for visitors and extending educational facilities both for the general public and for residential students.


In line with the ethos of Great Dixter, sustainability is at the top of the agenda. The heating system for the house and a number of greenhouses is powered by a biomass boiler, which has been

shoehorned into one of the Oasts. Heating for Dixter Farm is powered by a deep borehole ground source heat pump. Both buildings are fitted with solar panels which provide support for the domestic hot water supply. Rainwater recycling is also used.